Research Paper on Implementing a Talent Management Strategy

Research Paper on Implementing a Talent Management Strategy
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Recruit, hiring and retain talented employees – human resources management are always on top of talent management. However, to achieve the highest level of success, the business leader should be engaged and the high performing employees. To motivate any workforce, it is necessary to coordinate talent management with the organization strategies, set consistent leadership standards in functional areas, and classify certain skills (technical, analytical, involvement, and educational) to develop for continuous development.

The business leaders who executed the best processes of talent management, which are better prepared to compete globally than their competitors and to invest more quickly in new chances. Besides, the true success is when organizations do more to familiarize to long-term trends. Also, they have to be capable of anticipating the new opportunities and move beyond the rest of the market. In this way, a strategic talent management plan enables the employee to:

  • Identify required skills developed by all employees and decrease the costs of training by focusing on the main areas of development
  • Become “responsive” and “practical”. Meet their critical talent management requirements and respond as industry and business changes.
  • Enhance the process of recruitment by knowing the high-quality applicants by job descriptions based on the competencies of the high-performing workers holding individually valued industry or company competencies.

Other than that, numerous human resources groups struggle to develop the strategy of talent management that defines their priorities and goals for each year and links them to the strategic objectives and plans of the organization. The reasons are different, but without the strategy or talent management plan, the results are the same: HR teams do not play a strategic role in their organization and should not be considered as talent management activities of organizational importance.

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