Research Paper: Signs of Aggression While Watching Superman

Research Paper: Signs of Aggression While Watching Superman
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During the activity it was observed that some of the children cheered on Superman during the scenes when clashes between Superman and the villain took place. Some children was observed as showing their anger toward the villain, Lex Luther, in scenes where Superman was put into trouble by Lex. The observations of facial expression of children also revealed that they became aggressive while watching violent scenes.

Psychological Signs of Aggression in Children

During the activity and even after it, it was observed that children had increased blood pressure and their heart beat increased as well. This showed that watching the movie increased the adrenalin level in their body which causes them to go into an aggressive or fight-like mode. On the other hand the group that watched the non-violent movie didn’t show any psychological signs of aggression.

Increase in Aggressive Behavior of the Children

It was also observed that the group of children who watched superman behaved more aggressively toward the other group. There were several instances in which Superman like acts were enacted by those who watched it, resulting in other children getting hurt as well. Furthermore, it was also observed that children who watched the movie got aggressive a little more easily then others.


The purpose of the Research

The purpose of this research was to observe and conclude if Superman would increase the level of aggression in Qatari children. By doing this, it also contribute to the study of effects of children entertainment on the behavior and development of children. This research also verified the Social Learning theory by Albert Bandura, which categorized the observations learning as an important factor in learning new behavior and information. The observation made during the research also helped in identifying the effects of violence on children and how it changes their physical and psychological attributes.

Findings of the Research

The following observations were made during the study carried out for the research

–      In this research, the study conducted to observe the behavior of the children involved the application of the symbolic model of observation.

–      After the activity finished, it was observed that majority of children felt happy. This could have been an indication of the fact that the movie had an ending which they perceived while watching it, giving them a sense of accomplishment that what they thought was right, was actually shown right in the movie.

–      It was observed that children had developed a bond with the fictional character of Superman and wanted him to fight back and win against Lex Luther. It also showed that the children accepted the notion of Superman being a good guy and Lex Luther being a bad guy, without much hesitation, as it was depicted in the film. This showed how easily children could get affected by TV programs.

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