Research paper Voting the President for 1932 US Presidential Elections

Research paper Voting the President for 1932 US Presidential Elections
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The presidential election of the United States of America, 1932 were held on 8th November 1932. The leading candidates were the then President Herbert Hoover (Republican Party) and the governor of New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic Party). Roosevelt won with a majority of the popular vote.

Thesis Statement

“With his energetic and courageous action, and thinking, in addition to economic recovery in the educational, cultural and ecological, Franklin Roosevelt and his advisers not only forged out of the Great Depression, but improved the public’s sense of responsibility and the quality of political debate in the United States.”


The 1932 US Presidential Elections are said to be one of the important ones in country’s history. The elections were held in the backdrop of Great Depression and they dramatically shifted the political alignment of the country(Miller & Shanks, 1996). The two candidates that ran the election campaigns were Roosevelt and Hoover, with different policies to end the economic crises and let the country prosper as it was doing before the depression.

During the four years as head of state, he cemented his reputation for progressive political and concerned about the poorest classes thanks to an ambitious program of social reforms revealed soon as the most suitable to address the critical years of the Great Depression(Walch & Miller, 1998). The channel used to carry out his plans was the creation of the Temporary Emergency Relief Administration. Also, to further strengthen the effectiveness of its management, Roosevelt gathered around him a team of collaborators, the famous Brain Trust, a group of professors and experts from Columbia University to elaborate a plan overall shock actions and measures against the crisis, whose main feature was the direct intervention of the state government(Guerrant, 1960).

The second reason could be his election campaign, which was powerful and rationale, given the circumstances of the country at that time. The Roosevelt election campaign focused on the “New Deal”, which was based on fighting the devaluation, easing the debt, and reassessing wages in order to raise prices, also consisted of increase purchases of consumers and producers and gains; the ban on the sale of precious metals to individuals; start construction of public works to avoid unemployment and improve wages. Most controversial was the proposal to combat the perpetrators who had committed financial abuses that led to the crisis(Hamilton, 1991).


My decision to vote Roosevelt as US President was entirely based upon his term as a New York governor, his election campaigns, and Herbert Hoover failed efforts to overcome the Great Depression. In his inauguration speech, he said that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He began his tenure proclaiming one week followed by non-working days. In fact, the financial panic of recent weeks Hoover’s presidency had already done most banks closed their doors. But these closures were the image of the failures of the outgoing Administration; Roosevelt, however, took the opportunity to transform the uncontrolled panic in a presidential initiative.

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