Research Proposal on IT Service Management Company

Research Proposal on IT Service Management Company
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EWAN IT Company represent a typical Saudi Arabian IT Service Management company which suffers due to lack implementation of standard processes, procedures and systems which would enable them to provide best and professional services to its new and existing clients.  Though the company has initiated some measures to improve its performance and quality of service, however, they are unable to meet the expectations of customers as a whole, hence, face tough competition. This research will not only help them improve but would also serve as an excellent example for other companies, if the results and recommendations of the research are implemented successfully.

Research Hypothesis

“Saudi IT Service Management Companies, such as EWAN IT, can improve their performance and quality of service significantly by implementing Change Management.”

Research Questions

Chapter 1 Introduction to Change Management

–          What is Information Technology Service Management?

–          What is Change Management?

Chapter 2 Critical Factors of Change Management

–          What are the Critical Success Factors of Change Management?

–          What role does each factor play in the success of Change Management?

Chapter 3 EWAN IT: Current Processes and Policies used to Deal with Changes.

–          What are the current processes and policies used to deal with change at EWAN IT?

–          What is the impact on organization in following the processes and policies?

–          What is the impact of current processes and policies on the employees of EWAN IT?

Chapter 4 EWAN IT: Critical Factors within EWAN IT and Their implications.

–          How are the Critical Factors implemented currently?

–          What recommendations can be made to improve the performance of the company?

–          How would these recommendations be implemented in terms of Critical Factors and what would be their benefit?

Literature Review

Today, businesses around the world operate in an environment which they need to change themselves at a rapid pace due to the increase competition, globalization, multinational marketplace and the current global financial crisis. In order to meet this requirement of change many information-based organizations including IT companies are gradually moving toward a new business-centric approach in order to deliver their services and technologies (Cameron & Green, 2004).  It is a recognized fact that implementing the best technology to deal with the changes in not always the best solution to IT service delivery problems. Changes to processes as well as IT infrastructure that are bought within an organization not only  result in key changes to the job responsibilities and daily activities of the employees but it would also require them to retrain themselves in order to acquire new skills and use new technologies  (Paton and McCalmen 2008).

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