Research Proposal

Research Proposal
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What are Critical Success Factors involved in implementing Change Management ITSM in EWAN IT Company?


In today’s ever-changing business world, organizations often suffer because they lack such policies and procedures which allow them to quickly implement change within the organization in an efficient manner. Change Management allows an organization to introduce changes to its IT infrastructure in an effective manner by ensuring the use of standardized policies and methodologies. However, the successful implementation of change management itself depends on several factors.

The purpose of this research is to highlight the importance of such factors and the role they play in the success of change management. In this research a study has been carried out at EWAN IT Company, a IT service provider in Saudi Arabia, in order to highlight the problems in that companies, particularly in Saudi Arabia, face due to lack of policies and procedures that facilitate the organizational changes, as well as the recommendations that would help the companies in implementing such a regime.  For this study, a survey questionnaire and personal interviews will be used while additional research will be carried out using the literature available on the Internet and in the university library.


The Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) refers to the discipline of information technology systems, which focuses on the perspective of customer of the contribution that IT makes to the business. It is a contrasting approach to IT management and business interaction, to other technology-centered approaches. IT Service management is a process oriented and shares common traits with several process improvement movement framework and methodologies such as TQM, Six Sigma and CMMI  (Pugh, 2007). It is primarily concerned with the operational concerns of IT management within a business and is does not play a major role in technology development itself. Of the many disciplines that IT Service Management comprises of Change management is one. In ITSM, Change Management ensures that any changes made to a controlled IT infrastructure are done using standardized procedures and methodologies for prompt and efficient handling. These requirements for change to IT infrastructure can occur for a number of reasons could be problems within the company or externally impose requirements. Through change management it is ensures a proper balance is achieved between the need of change and the potential detrimental impact of the change. During the deployment or development project as well, a close liaison between the project managers and the change managers is expected, despite the fact that ITSM change management is not usually responsible for watching over the changes that occur during the deployment or development of the project (Tech Noxx, 2010). However, the project managers can use change management for testing items which are within production as well as test environment. In today’s world, businesses tend to appear under continuous change. These changes are introduced in businesses as a result of customers’ requirements, processes changes, markets dynamics, products changes or addition as well as technology. In order to successful introduce changes, businesses are now required to embrace change management as key competencies as well understand its critical factors which make it successful (Pergamon Flexible Learning, 2005).

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