Rugby Sports

Rugby Sports
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In the European countries, rugby is a very popular game. The demand of the rugby players is very high and so do their sponsorship demands. With the increase of companies offering the handsome amount of money, the rugby teams have the power to choose the best sponsorships. According to the IRB (International Rugby Board), the number of total Rugby playing countries is 119. In these 119 countries, approximately 18630 clubs are now surviving. Therefore, it can be easily estimated that the demand for the sponsorships at the club level is very high. The Vodafone and other willing just need to find an ideal club to offer sponsorships.

The demands of the rugby organizations in terms of the sponsorships are increasing continuously. There are two factors that are playing a major role in the increasing demands for high sponsorships. The first factor is the number of rugby organizations. A large number of countries are now playing rugby and thus they are competing to achieve better sponsorships. Another factor is the growing craze about rugby among the common people, which influences the companies to promote the game and their products.

Considering the current demands of the rugby game in certain countries, the Vodafone group has to take strategies to meet their demands. Vodafone management is pressing on the performances of the club players. They are selecting the best team that tops in the league championship. Vodafone has already signed up a sponsorship bond with RTE for four years. However, it can be said that significant changes may be required in the sponsorship strategies of Vodafone to sustain in the competitive market

Offering sponsorships to the players of rugby game is no doubt a good move but according to the statistics, a company cannot reach the maximum number of potential customers. It is important for an organization to offer sponsorships to different fields or events. It is a good strategy to expand the customer number. Failing to do so cannot help an organization to grow their business in overseas markets.  While considering the European countries, there are different sports, which are as popular as the rugby game. For an example, Lawn Tennis is hugely popular in the western countries. This game is also becoming popular in the Asian countries. On the other hand, basketball and baseball are two popular games that are played by most of the students in the western countries. After analyzing the popularity of the individual games like swimming and gymnastics, it can be said that offering sponsorships for the athletes could be an advantageous move for an organization to launch their products. Athletes and players of the individual games representing in world tournaments could be sponsored and spread the brand name in worldwide.

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