Saldana Information Solutions (S.I.S) case study’s solution

Saldana Information Solutions (S.I.S) case study’s solution
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Before selecting any suitable candidate for the position of accountant, we have to set some basic criteria for selection based on the job responsibilities and the business requirements and then we will do the comparative analysis of three available candidates. For this job, a candidate is needed who is well versed with report writing skills, fiscal ratios which are needed to measure the profitability and productivity of client applications and handsome experience of managerial accounting.

The reason is that S.I.S constantly needs to provide high-quality financial data to financial institutions like banks, investment houses and to the government. For managerial decision making, financial information should be presented in a tabular and graphic format so that senior management can see the big picture and understand the position of the business readily. For investors, the reports should carry information about growth in sales, Profitability (Profit margins), Investments (assets owned) and Business value (tutor2u). Lenders Banks need information that helps them determined whether loans and interest will be paid when due, mainly focused on Cash flows. Credit Suppliers require information about the short-term liquidity of a business. The government agencies are interested in accounting information to levy and collect Corporation Tax. Various regulatory agencies (e.g. the Competition Commission and the Environment Agency) need information to support decisions about takeovers and grants (tutor2u). Basically, the company has to hire an accountant, who possesses comprehensive knowledge of making such different types of reports that satisfies all these stakeholders’ requirements. Another important point is that mere knowledge of all such types of reports is not enough but the hands-on experience is mandatory because any mistake on the part of an accountant can have serious implications for the business and may result in the form of loss of a big business opportunity. So the selection of a right candidate is very crucial to the company. For making this decision, let us analyze the data available about each candidate and try to make comparison among them.

About Jethro: This person is the youngest and the most educated of all the potential candidates but he has no pertinent experience at all. As this post demands a person who is a well-experienced accountant, which he is currently not. Though he has the devotion to staying with a company for a long period company needs a person who fulfills the immediate post for an experienced accountant. Obviously, he will learn over time but at the moment, he is not suitable for this post.

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