Service quality for Customers

Service quality for Customers
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Among all customer demands, service quality has been increasingly recognized as a critical factor in the success of any business. During the past few decades, customer satisfaction and service quality have become a major area of attention to practitioners and academic researchers. Both concepts have strong impact on business performance and customer behavior. Service quality leads to higher profitability and customer satisfaction.  Several tools are available for measuring customer satisfaction like a customer complaint line, a section for complaints on your websites, comment cards and many more. Adherence to the norm of listening to customer pays great dividends for the business and ensures a competitive advantage over your business rivals.

It is a known fact that only companies survive and thrive when they obtain and retain competitive advantages in all aspects of the business. Having a great product with a great price does not ensure a company’s competitive edge. Companies must also have effective leadership and companies must invest both time and money in the development, assessment, and retention because they are as essential as any other factors for business advantage and performance. Corporate managers know that attracting and grooming the best executive talent is a priority without regards to the business environment.

Companies must strengthen their abilities for attracting and retaining the best quality of leadership personnel. This can be done by developing the sort of background, atmosphere and teams that exceptional executive want to become part of because this is one very important aspect of obtaining and retaining competitive advantage. No company can afford to ignore the advantages that being current with information brings and the disadvantages to company who are not current with business information being brought about by new and innovative technological methods because the cost of obtaining, processing and transmitting is quite low and is changing the way that business is being done.

Organizations can be a focus for the best talent by showing dynamic sustenance for what is of interest to the candidate, being realistic about his and the company’s expectations and ensuring that the compensation and benefits given to the new talent are at market level or even better. When companies think that a certain candidate will be a valuable asset for the company, they should make him/her an offer that cannot be refused. For this the must make sure that the candidate is competent, committed and have character and integrity. The candidate must have the company’s best interests at heart and stick with the company through bad times. Good executive provide solid competitive advantage to any business.


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