Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose
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The study does not include a clearly written statement of purpose where the researcher would have ushered the purpose of the study. In addition the researcher does not identify the type of study but it becomes evident when the ‘result’ section is analyzed that the research is quantitative in its very nature. As the ‘mean response’ of the father’s rating of child’s self disclosure evinces that the results of the survey were quantified that makes the study a quantitative one (Risman, 1986, p.99). In the study the population that is being studied is discussed in detail in ‘methodology’ section (Risman, 1986, p.97-98).

Technical Terms?

It does not use any technical terms as the only key terms are ‘child custody’, ‘gender roles’, ‘single fathers’ and ‘single parents’ (Risman, 1986, p.95).


The research is based on the argument that is developed in the literature review but she goes on to discuss theories in such a diverse way that the reader is detached from the main argument. She admits that she would commence her study with the discussion of previously held theories regarding the research objective as she sides with the conclusion that if the previous literature is analyzed, it comes to light that ‘structuralist theory provides a better explanation than individualist theory’ for the experiences of single fathers (Risman, 1986, p.95).

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