The Status of immigrants in western countries

The Status of immigrants in western countries
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Most immigrants are people who were coming back to ancestral homelands: cultural and racial Germans to Germany, Albanians of Greek origin to Greece, and further on. Usually, migrants came over only if they could connect with accessible social networks of previous immigrants, who helped them seek jobs and shelter. Relocation stabilized and rejected. It was estimated by the United Nations that 175 million people survive outside their countries of birth. Although they made allowances for undocumented immigrants- about three percent of the global populations are immigrants.

At the beginning of the new millennium, migration once more was a hot topic. It was acknowledged by Britain that the number of asylum seekers and undocumented workers are growing. Is this a repeat of something, or is it something new happening? Taken generally, it seems that something different is happening. Actions were taken on increased consequences in the context of recent global social transformations. Initially, forced immigration is increasing in quantity and significance, as a result of prevalent violation of human and constitutional rights. Secondly, people who make the rules are implementing separate rules for a range of categories of immigrants.

Distinctively, there’s a competition all around the world to attract highly talented immigrants, but unskilled immigrants, refugees and their families are not welcomed. Third, there is a developing understanding that immigrants-economic and forced both- are playing an essential role in process of global and local economic integration. Fourth, it is pretty much oblivious that immigrants do not mix in the society of the host countries, but have a tendency to form communities and maintain their own languages, religions and cultures. Lastly, immigration is very highly politicized; it is now an essential issue in national and global politics.

Forced Migration and the Actual “Global Crisis” despite how the issues of immigration are approached, in it would be wrong to term this as mere “crisis”. Global immigration is now recognized as an integral part of integration between societies. At this time there are many issues between the North and the south, and immigration is just one aspect of the disaster.  Immigration as such  does not represent economic or social disasters for the North. In accordance with United Nations worldwide immigration statistics from 2002, number of international immigrants was 175 million. Out of this 175 million, 32 percent (56 million) live in Europe; 23.4 percent (41 million) in Northern America, and 28.5 percent (50 million) in Asia.

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