Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
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The supply chain is the process of flow and transformation of the products from raw material stage to the end user. During the last two decades, operations’ optimization has been extended to the entire supply chain instead of limiting it to a particular unit or department. Sustainability of the supply chain management includes manufacturing by-products, product design, product life extension, end-of-life of the product and recovery processes at the end-of-life. Sustainable development can affect the current product operations as it leads to the identification of new business models. It also affects the future government policy as new initiatives are proposed by the public as well as private sector. Thus, sustainability rises as the need for binding legislation along with pressures by the customers and the same server as the source of adoption of environmental approaches in SCM.

The incentives are higher costs, insufficient communication and coordination complexity and efforts. Factors such as environmental and social systems, communication, training of employees and suppliers, monitoring, reporting and evaluation and integration into the corporate policy act as the supporting factors. The study found that the communication acts as the enhancer as well as the barrier. It costs higher to the organizations but can be controlled by joint efforts of all the partners within the supply chain. The study also revealed that the environmental and social management systems are important as they enable monitoring and control of the implementation of the minimum performance levels.

The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can capitalize on supply chain management to gain huge benefits as SMEs are economic drivers of the developing countries. The SMEs are the change-enablers and means of innovation within the business sector and thus they are important to co-exist with the large businesses. However, SMEs are not giving attention to required levels although SMEs are more reactive to the environmental issues as compared to the larger businesses. SMEs face higher issues as compared to large businesses in terms of incorporation of environmental management into their respective corporate strategies. The key reasons for this issue can be attributed to lack of tools and resources, lack of knowledge, uncertainty in resources, cost and time required. However, the researchers also identify that SMEs can gain greater flexibility through competitive advantage as they become more responsive and have a lesser burdensome procedure.

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