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Book Review on Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
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Book Review on Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë – The famous work by Emily Bronte is better aptly defined as a study of obsessive retribution, in which Heathcliff inflicts agony in retaliation for a prior slight that prevented him from marrying his beloved Catherine. After Catherine and her brother, Hindley’s, father discovered Heathcliff impoverished on

Book Review on Pride and Prejudice
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Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time, and I don’t say it lightly! This novel has the best of everything: a fantastic romance, likable characters, humor, and lovely writing. Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman in the 1800s, is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice. The Bennet family has five daughters,

Book Review on The Catcher in the Rye
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The Catcher in the Rye Today marks the 67th anniversary of the publication of J. D. Salinger’s famous novel The Catcher in the Rye, and many still have strong feelings about it. There are a lot of die-hard supporters and a lot of furious detractors. Indeed, only On the Road, probably the most contentious of

Fast and Affordable Online Master’s degree
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Progress rapidly in your career by earning a Master’s degree in an Online Degree Program is faster and more Affordable. These fast online degrees improve your self-confidence, increase your chances for better jobs and a more secure future and success, and even give a boost to your present career. You are missing out on a

Book Review: The Rise of the Nazis
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Fischer, Conan. The rise of the Nazis. Oxford Road: Manchester University Press, 2002 The book was chosen in light of the fact that the author Conan Fischer has chosen to adopt a highly comprehensive approach to the early days of the Nazis in his book. A mere glance at the Table of Contents showed that

Book Review: Miami
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The number of books on the history of Miami is staggering when one begins to look them up. However, very few turn out to be concise and capable enough to be considered credible as books on history. Most books on Miami history have chosen to delve in to particular aspects of the history of Miami

Book Review – The Camel and the wheel
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Introduction The book by Richard Bulliet, Camel and the Wheels, is an important piece of work in literary art which serves as an illustration for the role that camel has played in the society, over the ages. In this book, Professor Bulliet has primarily looked at the tremendous role that camel played in the Middle