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Book Review on Catch-22
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Joseph Heller’s novel “Catch-22” isn’t totally effective. It’s also not a really terrific novel. By traditional criteria, it isn’t even a good novel. However, it is without a doubt the oddest novel ever written about the United States Air Force during WWII. It’s a spectacular performance that will probably anger almost as many readers as

Essay on Invasive Species
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Invasive Species Introduced species are creatures that have moved to areas where they are not native. In most cases, imported species do not pose a significant threat. They either do not survive or are “essentially nice people” who do not do harm. Invasive species, on the other hand, are not your typical newcomer. Invasive species

Essay on Anxiety
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Understanding Anxiety Anxiety is a mental and physical feeling of expecting something bad to happen. Increased alertness and concern, twisted into agonizing worry, and unpleasant activation of numerous bodily systems define it mentally and physiologically, all to assist reaction to an unknown danger, real or imagined. Physical sensations like jitteriness and a racing heart, as

Essay on How ADHD Makes Children Fear Rejection
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How ADHD Makes Children Fear Rejection Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a little altered wiring in their brains, making it far more difficult for them to sit still, pay attention, and focus. This is mostly due to ADHD’s interference with the brain’s “executive processes.” The problem is that our executive functions are

Research Paper on Climate Change and Dinosaurs
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By comparing rock strata bearing sauropodomorph fossils to variations in Earth’s magnetic field, scientists were able to track the dinosaurs’ trip from South America to Greenland. Using that timeframe, the researchers discovered that the organisms’ northward march coincided with a large drop in CO2, suggesting that climate-related obstacles had been removed. The sauropodomorphs were a

Essay on Climate Change Disinformation
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Throughout the last four decades, the fossil fuel industry has waged a well-organized and well-funded campaign to discredit the research linking global climate change to human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These misinformation campaigns have caused data to get muddled, called climate scientists’ integrity into question, and cast doubt on the scientific

Essay on Impact of Warming Climate on Winter Tornadoes
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Tornadoes can strike at any time of year, but the months of March through July saw the most violent twisters in the United States. Winter tornadoes, such as the one that killed at least 88 people in Kentucky and four other states starting on December 10, 2021, are rare. However, researchers indicate in a poster

Essay on Electric Vehicles and Climate Change
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Another year of depressing climate news. The Pacific Northwest has been scorched by record-breaking temperatures. California, Oregon, Washington, and nearby states were ravaged by wildfires. Tropical storms in the Pacific Ocean strengthened quickly. In addition, flash floods wreaked havoc in Western Europe and China. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in August that human-caused

Essay on Trojan Asteroid
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Trojan Asteroid Earth is schlepping about the sun with a newly discovered space rock. This is just the second Trojan asteroid identified that belongs to our planet. Trojan asteroids, which also orbit Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, hang around at two places near a planet where the planet’s and the sun’s gravitational forces are balanced. These

Essay on Hypermobile Joints
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Hypermobile Joints Adults who can bend their thumb back to meet their wrist or stretch their fingers at unimaginable angles are uncommon. However, since their bodies are still developing and malleable, children can accomplish some of these activities. However, beyond a certain point, this flexibility becomes an issue. Because joints are created to have a