Term Paper: Is Abortion Moral or Immoral

Term Paper: Is Abortion Moral or Immoral
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Controlling fertility in various societies has been accomplished by various methods over the last few centuries. Among those methods, an abortion has been known to be used in every society regardless of its place in the judicial system. What is abortion then? By definition abortion is the termination of a pregnancy after conception. It entails ending the life of an embryo or a fetus thus putting an end to pregnancies in women. This paper will be based on testing a suggested hypothesis that abortion is immoral. The interpretation made in this paper can also be drawn out to test the limits of its analytical or observational consequences (Merriam Webster Incorporated, 2009).


Thus abortion more than any other procedure is instrumental and connected to a woman’s status, as well as the extent of her political power and the influence she has on society. This paper will attempt to explore the questions behind the morality and immorality of abortion and its place in today’s society. And attempt to show that it is fundamentally immoral.

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