Term Paper: Things they Carried out

Term Paper: Things they Carried out
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While in Tim O’ Brien’s book the main protagonist who shares the authors name begin his story by speaking about his fellow comrade in arms in Vietnam. He speaks about how each squad member carries a physical reminder of some sort in order to remind themselves of a place outside of this war. It is through these objects that the author is able to give a glimpse into the souls of these men. The author is able to provide detailed accounts of not only the horrors of the battlefield, but also how these men coped with those very horrors being back home. It is clear that these men not only carry the weight of their equipment and their memories, but also each other.

The first individual the book follows is lieutenant Cross, who burns his keepsakes, photographs and letters from the girl he loves, Martha. When those items result in the death of a squad mate under his command, Cross becomes despondent and gives in to abandoning the items. This is because he believes them to be the reason behind his sub ordinates death. Thus, he abandons his only connection to the real world in favour of giving in to his convictions to his men.

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