Term Paper: Historical Development of Fashion

Term Paper: Historical Development of Fashion
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Fashion in actuality, is much greater than that as it mirrors the society’s social, political, economic ideals and values of a specific time/period. It is expressed through what we wear most commonly but fashion is used as a non-verbal source of communication about individuals and groups.

Therefore, the historical element of fashion’s emergence needs to be understood. For as long as the human race has existed, there has been a consistent need to belong to a particular community, tribe or group. The common aspects of these groups have resulted in certain fashions developing over time which have been defined in terms of the era and group with which they were associated with. In the 8th century, Cordoba a famous musician of Spain introduced a clothing style which caught the world by storm. In the 14th century, there was a dramatic change in the fashion styles and trends as the Western men’s style of attire became caught in fashion revolution.

In fact, its nuances are still felt today highlighting the importance that historical influences have a role in the present times. Therefore, fashion exists in terms of different “fashions” where there are different influences and styles which depict the mannerisms of different groups, individual thoughts and beliefs.

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