Term Paper: Hybrid Car

Term Paper: Hybrid Car
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Historical Background

A hybrid car is a vehicle that comprises of two unique sources for the generation of power. It should have two fuel injections integrated into the engine to retain the name hybrid. The origin of such hybrid inventions dates back to early 20th century. In 1915, Wood Motor Vehicle Company, situated in Chicago, projected Dual Power. The vehicle was supposed to use 2 sources of power and primarily a battery pack which took the car up to 25km/h of speed. Later further research was held and in 1989, Audi’s Duo came under production featuring a plug in parallel mechanism enabling the electric motor to command the rear wheels and a fueled engine to run the front wheels. Later in early 90s, Honda and Toyota produced Insight and Prius respectively and revolutionized the industry, creating a milestone in this division. (Synovate, 2009)


Synovate, a market researching agency, carried out a research study that demonstrates Canadian market preferring to buy hybrid cars over exotic cars. The survey included approximately 13,500 people from 18 markets and 1,000 individuals in Canada to analyze the intent of buyers towards ‘green’ vehicles. The survey was conducted in March 2009 according to the website and published over internet on 8th July 2009 (Synovate, 2009).

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