Term Paper: Net Neutrality

Term Paper: Net Neutrality
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An internet service provider company was chosen as the one to be punished for limiting access to the open internet. An enforcement order was prepared for that ISP and it was forced to stop limiting and blocking the access. Moreover this ISP was forced to divulge the methods which impede the traffic of internet. The allegations on that company were about the peer-to-peer content blockage and propagation of forged signals. This wrong propagation discontinues the connection between the sender and receiver (Silver, 2008).

An active topic of net neutrality is prevailing in the media as well as mainstream media too. This issue is related to free information exchange through internet. Many countries have established bodies for handling this matter as the federal bodies in America to redefine the way information, trade, and users interact is a depressing and subject of concern for economy. FCC handles the kind of equality which defines the equal presence of everyone on internet (Block, 2007).

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