Term Paper: Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Term Paper: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
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In this disorder the individual will experience constant or frequent unwanted thoughts or ideas.   Oftentimes these ideas can range from everyday worries such a turning off a stove to unusual fantasies of violence especially towards those closest to them. The disorder manifests in the individual as obsessions or ritualistic acts which he/she must adhere to in order to avoid being anxious. The person may or may not recognize the actions as being compulsive and it may be related to a general medical condition (Simon).

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs in women more than men with rape being the most common trigger ( Anxiety Disorder Association of America). This disorder is caused by an emotional reaction to a disastrous event which can severely impair the individual’s ability to function. The individual may continuously re-experience the event through images or flashback. They may also avoid reminders of the event including people or places with feelings of dissociation being prevalent. They may also have a heightened state of arousal becoming excited or tense with little or no stimuli (Simon).

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