Term Paper: Performance Appraisal

Term Paper: Performance Appraisal
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360-degree feedback was initially implemented to bring betterment in the performance appraisal system. It was a tool that simply deduced that it not only your manager who has all the information about your performance (Thurston Jr & McNall, 2010, p.217).

Motorola executed the feedback plan involving the team leaders. This was done in order to find out what effect their measures had on their colleagues and subordinates. This also helped in understanding what measures were workable and aren’t. Results were premeditated using a variety of performance measurement techniques including satisfaction levels of customers, pace of answering customer queries, how much time was being taken on each call, attainment of their performance targets and as a result of the 360 degree feedback implementation, what were the improvements (Thurston Jr & McNall, 2010, p. 212). However, the most evident benefits that they realized were found in the motivation level of the sub ordinates and the team leaders. Communication among the various hierarchies within the organization improved to an alarming extent (Brown, Hyatt, & Benson, 2010, , p.396).

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