Term Paper: Sempron Processors

Term Paper: Sempron Processors
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Sempron processor family by AMD took the place of its Duron family. Known as the part of budget line processors Sempron processors comprised of two different architectures of processors which are K7 and K8 micro-architectures. K7 architecture based processors work on socket 462 motherboards also known as socket A. basically specifying the motherboard is to make clear that all the motherboards can have certain specific processors which is why it should be worth mentioning this information.

The ones using K8 architecture requires motherboards with socket 754, AM2, or 939. These processors offer some new features which are the part of new architecture. The Sempron processors are the re-branded version of Athlon XP budget processors line introduced Duron previously which had some lame features but Sempron has each of its feature from Athlon XP Central Processing Units. The Socket A processors have the bus speed of 333 Mega Hertz, bus connects the processor to memory embedded in motherboard, there are I/O busses as well which are used to hook up the processor to other components in system. Bus supports the passage of data between the different components and the frequency of this passage is referred to as bus speed. Socket A processors also have level 2 cache comprised of 256 Kilobytes or 512 Kilobytes, this bridges up the breach between processor and memory. The technology incorporated to fabricate Sempron is 0.13-micron technology.

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