Thesis: Multinational Global Financial Institutions

Thesis: Multinational Global Financial Institutions
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This research proposal aims to recommend an appropriate and effective organization design and its determinants for the IT Risk Management (ITRM) function of multinational global financial institutions. It will also identify the major and minor impacts of globalization to the current business processes of most financial institutions as well as leverage on the Shared Service Architecture design and explore if IT risk management can be categorized under this specific architecture design.

The first section of this research proposal, the introductory section, provides an overview of the current status of most multinational global financial institutions and the various dilemmas and issues that these financial institutions currently experience. Afterwards, the researcher identified the aims and objectives of this study and what this research proposal intends to achieve.

The second section of this research proposal involves the literature review which provides a detailed examination and assessment of all the collated empirical evidence and theoretical work and research evidence that will inform various parts of the study.

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