Top Reasons for Essay Plagiarism

Top Reasons for Essay Plagiarism
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Plagiarism is considered as a heinous crime in the world of academia. Plagiarism is indeed a nuisance especially when teachers put immense efforts to provide students with learning opportunities and at the end they discover that students rely on plagiarism when writing essays.

There are many reasons as to why students really plagiarise. One of the reasons is definitely laziness where students do not like working hard and want to have their work done in an easy way. In addition, writing essays is a herculean task that requires lots of research work and the ability to write coherently. Many students fail to keep up with such demands and prefer to adopt evil tactics. The purpose of this article is to provide some reasons as to why students plagiarise when writing essays, term papers and research papers. Below are some points for you to discover.

The Time Factor

Some students studying in college struggle with time. They may have a job and in some cases they have a family to look after. Therefore, they do not find enough time to spend writing essays where they are required to conduct research and write using appropriate format. That is why they rely on plagiarizing to save their time.


Some students have a valid reason due to family responsibilities but some are lazy and do not want to work hard to write their essays. They keep on procrastinating and leaver their essay writing assignments for the last moment and at the end they have no other choice than to plagiarize.




Sometimes students are under immense pressure to improve their grades in a particular course and they adapt plagiarism to set themselves free from faltering. Therefore, they feel that plagiarism is the only option they have to save themselves from failing in a course.

No matter what the reason plagiarism is bad and can have negative consequences. If you suffer from these problems super custom essay is the place where you can have all your essay writing problems resolved easily.

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