Training Sessions at Workplace

Training Sessions at Workplace
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Through conducting training sessions at the workplace, companies will be able to develop positive worker’s attitude, commitment and dedication, which in turn, employees will be willing to work hard to fulfill their job targets. Employee training also helps to support teamwork and team spirit. Which will encourage the workforce to adapt quickly to the changes in their regular functioning and try to meet targets? Likewise, they will be ready to respond adequately according to the prevailing market conditions and economic situations. Training and development result in high level of positive attitude and commitment among human force to bring innovations and changes in the operations according to the market requirement. In general, it is understood that by introducing innovations and best practices, employees will be able to reach a maximum level of operational excellence and meet market challenges easily. In contrast, training and development programs do not give much flexibility to the business firms at the time of an economic crisis. Each employee is specialized in a specific field, as such to be able to work in another field, training must be provided. Efficiency, productivity, and skills of employees can be enhanced to great extent only in the areas in which they have specialization. In other areas, they cannot be made equally productive and efficient. Hence, business firms often fail to make proper use of training and development to increase organization resilience against economic crisis.

Although quality training and development activities increase human intellect, productivity, and efficiency, workers experience a high level of comfort and familiarity with their consistency in work. Therefore, they are resistant to change and this behavior does not provide support to the business entities to prepare itself to adapt to changes frequently and quickly. As a result, it can be said that training and development activities do not provide any assurance to the corporation to adapt to market changes and build resilience in the workplace. The companies have cut 10% of the budgets on training and development in order to respond to the recession. However, there is variation in the need for training and development in organizations as the needs of the organizations vary. There are many organizations that cut down the budgets for training and development but keep providing the programs through sponsorship in order to prepare for economic downturn and recession. One such example is of the Philips and Estee Lauder that provided leadership development programs to meet the needs of turbulent business situations. Until now the benefits of training and development are found to be of interest only to the employers are considered in the cost-benefit terms. An example includes the relationship of training on performance and profitability that is found to be positive.

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