Use of Technological Singularity in bridging the Digital Divide

Use of Technological Singularity in bridging the Digital Divide
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Though the pace of the technology development has been very fast in the recent years, with numerous new technologies being brought to the scene every year, the creation of the Singularity is considered a huge step toward a new revolution, and futurologists such as Dr. Ray Kurzweil believe that the impact of singularity will not only be upon computers but would also affect technologies in other fields of study as well.

Though the singularity itself may not become physically small enough to be put on a small device, as has been the case with all computer technologies, it would certainly play a major role in enhancing the way humans connect with computers and by radically changing the concepts of economics. As discussed above in this paper, the Digital Divide occurs for a number of reasons. First, many people find it difficult to handle the technology and cannot interact properly with it. Therefore, many of them opt to not to use the technology as they think that it would make life difficult for them. One of the reasons that digital divide occurs in developing or under developed countries is due to the fact that a significant amount of population is unable to use much of the available technology due to their inability to speak the language of technology (most of the technological devices are made to speak English). Another main reason for the digital divide is the affordability of technology or the economical factor.

Dr Kurzweil believes that through the Singularity, the nanotechnology will become so advanced that nanobots will become seamlessly integrated into the human body. In that state, they  would not only serve to enhance the health of the body, but would also provide an efficient medium through which human body can integrate and communicate with computers, thus providing a totally different and unique experience of interaction between humans and computers. For those who would not be able to get the benefits from nanotechnology, the Technological Singularity will be smart enough to provide the access to technology through languages and interfaces that they feel comfortable with. Furthermore, Dr. Kurzweil also believe that the law of accelerating return will also play a major role in the bridging the digital divide. He believes that the technology has seen a constant reduction in the time and cost, which has made recent technology available to poor people more rapidly and cheaply in comparison to earlier technologies. Through singularity, the process of innovation and availability of technology will become so fast that the time and cost difference between the first availability of technology and its availability of general public will become negligible, which will either eradicate the digital divide completely or make it negligible (Kurzweil, 2009).

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