Ways to write three Paragraph Essays

Ways to write three Paragraph Essays
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A three paragraph essay is a basic essay that teachers teach students in their initial years. The purpose of writing three paragraph essays is to teach students the basic structure of an essay. Once students become accustomed to writing three paragraph essays they move on to writing five paragraph essays. Three paragraph essays help students visualize the basic structure of an essay and form their thoughts in a logical way. The purpose of this article is to provide some useful guidelines as to how to write three paragraph essays. Below are some points for you to consider.


This is the first section of a three paragraph essay. Think of an interesting topic and start with an introduction. Try to provide background information on the topic. Keep it brief and to the point. However, do not try to provide all the details in this section. Make sure it is compelling for the readers as to make them read the entire essay.

The Main Body

Once you have an introduction your second paragraph of a three paragraph essay is the main body. This is where all your research findings on the topic will be discussed along with arguments, facts and figures. Keep it precise and direct. Avoid anything irrelevant or something that has nothing to do with the main theme of the essay.

The Conclusion

This is the third and the last paragraph of three paragraph essay. In this section you can provide solutions and personal perspectives on the topic. You can provide suggestions as to how a particular problem discussed in the main body of the essay can be resolved taking certain actions.

This is how you write a basic three paragraph essay. Once you have hold over writing in this format you can move on to writing lengthier and more complicated forms of an essay. You can seek essay writing services of super custom essay if you are having any problems.

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