How to write an argumentative essay

How to write an argumentative essay
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An argumentative essay is based on a debatable statement called an argument. The writing procedure of the argumentative essay is very different as compared to the other essay papers. First of all, your topic needs to be argumentative. In other words, you need to provide points which support the topic as well as stand against it. Along with that, you need to construct your own opinion in relation to the topic. For instance, if you support the topic, provide supportive factors which justify your selection. Similarly, if you stand against the topic, you need to provide supportive factors in this relation as well. Argumentative essays are written by students studying in different disciplines. For instance, students studying organizational behavior, clinical psychology and sociology need to write argumentative essay papers.

Selection of Argumentative essay topic

As it is mentioned above, you need to provide factors which support the topic as well as stand against it. Hence, the topic should be selected accordingly. In addition to that, do not go for one dimensional topic.  At times, students do not know enough details about the essay subject. Hence, they fail to make the right selection. Choosing a generic topic can prove to be a big blunder. This is because when you are working on a generic topic, the content does not have any limitations. Thus, you would find it hard to give a proper direction to the written content.  Go for a topic which has narrow boundaries and fixed scope sections. In this way, you ideas would be clear and specific. It is obvious that you need to select a topic with argumentative nature. In this way, you would be able to define factors which support the topic as well as stand against it. Once you are done with the topic selection, you need to work on the draft of the argumentative essay paper.

Preparation of draft

A draft is nothing but a rough copy of the actual essay paper. This draft is edited till the final copy of the essay paper is prepared.  A draft can help you in organizing your essay paper work. For instance, the points which support the topic should be highlighted in a different paragraph and the ones which are against the essay paper topic should be explained in a different paragraph.


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